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Putting the “mitzvah” back in the “bar-mitzvah” by Clare Goldwater

I am struck by the variety of observances, ceremonies and celebrations that go by the name ‘bar/bat mitzvah’. It seems that, as Jewish expression becomes more varied, so too do the models of b’nei mitzvah. And of course, these varied models embody differing values and assumptions about what it means to be Jewish and what we expect from and hope for our children. (more…)


Water Over Rocks: How things change by Rabbi Andy Bachman

Originally posted by Rabbi Andy Bachman on January 1, 2013 at WATER OVER ROCKS: How Things Change.

In Reverence No Senescence!

“This series of pictures should strike a deep emotional response in the heart of every Jew.  No matter how far we have traveled from the observances that were practiced by our fathers, we have a feeling of reverence for the ceremonies themselves, and a respect for those who feel that these Jewish ceremonials constitute a necessary part of religion.” (more…)