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The Party’s “Entrance Video”


There is a world out there unfamiliar to me. Perhaps to you also. The ritual for becoming a bar or bat mitzvah has evolved beyond ceremony and party. Already, we’ve seen posted (on this site and many others) the new invitation. It is video, musical, scripted, produced, and posted on YouTube for the world to see (and, I would imagine, hopefully to go viral). What could be next? It already is….the “Entrance Video”!

I came upon this discovery while researching YouTube postings of bar/bat mitzvah parties….which was motivated by David Bryfman, Chief Learning Officer at The Jewish Education Project, who recently forwarded me a video that Brad Sugar, Director of Operations at Jewish Student Connection,  posted from his party. At first, the story line for me was the use of Ray Clay as the announcer.

Deciding to see what other types of videos were posted [search for yourself…there are many out there that have thousands of viewings], I began to notice a plethora of “entrance videos”. Here are a couple examples:

What are your thoughts on this? What is the value? What examples do you want to share? What’s coming next?

Written by Jill Minkoff, Project Manager, The Jewish Education Project




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