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Rabbi Ben Bag Bag


Many of you have recently made reference to Rabbi Ben Bag Bag. In Pirkei Avot, we read:

  בן בגבג אומר, הפוך בה והפך בה, והגי בה דכולא בה, ובה תחזי, סיב ובלי בה; ומינה לא תזוז, שאין לך מידה טובה יותר ממנה

“Ben (son of) Bag Bag said: Turn the Torah over and over for everything is in it. Look into it, grow old and worn over it, and never move away from it, for you will find no better portion than it.”

Rabbi Ben Bag Bag…the song by Jeff Klepper. Listen now! 


Oh Rabbi Ben Bag Bag had a double name name

Cause his last name was the same same but I never heard him brag

So here’s a little song song, it’s kinda like a tribute

I hope you don’t think that it’s too cute, and I hope you’ll sing along

“Turn it, turn it, turn it again”, turn it around your mind

“Turn it, turn it, turn it again”, you’ll never know what secrets you might find

For Rabbi Ben Bag Bag there was always more to learn learn

Words of Torah he would turn turn all the night and all the day

And when the other Rabbis went to bed cause they were done done

“Bag” stayed late cause it was fun fun, he would turn to them and say

For Rabbi Ben Bag Bag the Torah was the be all

It also was the end all, and not a word was wrong

So thank you Rabbi Ben Bag Bag for your cool and pithy quote quote

It’s the best in Pirkei Avot and now it’s in a song! (chorus)

(Lyrics © Jeff Klepper) – from:


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