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Re-Imagining the Coming of Age Journey by Lisa Gersten on EJP, 8/29/2013

What if the bar or bat mitzvah signaled a teen’s entry into an ongoing gathering of Jewish peers led by an inspiring mentor who helped them discuss the very real challenges they face in their everyday lives?

What if a teen’s bar or bat mitzvah signified the moment when he or she formed a Jewish community of his or her own, a place where confidences were held and members actually supported each other?

What if post bar or bat mitzvah education transitioned from a Hebrew school frontal learning model to a monthly experientially based forum? A unique space where Jewish texts, rituals and values had not just relevance, but also meaning and insight into teenage lives and the world around them? (more…)


Can Bar/Bat Mitzvah Be Saved? by Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin on eJewishPhilanthropy

Yes, but American Jews will have to do some serious thinking about the age of that rite of passage.

posted August 22, 2013 on eJewishPhilanthropy

Last week, you would have hardly known that there were peace talks happening in Jerusalem. That wasn’t the biggest Jewish news.

No, that prize goes to the viral Sam Horowitz bar mitzvah dance video. (more…)

ZEEK: Articles: A Critical Time for Jewish Youth: Rethinking the Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Sarai Shapiro and Zelig Golden of Wilderness Torah write about meeting the urgent needs of our bnai mitzvah youth.

Read their article: ZEEK: Articles: A Critical Time for Jewish Youth: Rethinking the Bar and Bat Mitzvah.