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Overcome fear with our new iPhone App: Failure Games


And now there’s an App for Failing Forward! AppSumo has announced the following:


We’ll challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and get what you want in life

Would you rather have the ability to fly or to become invisible? I was listening to NPR a few days ago when they asked this and it got me thinking …

For me, instinctually, I’d choose invisibility. As an introvert, invisibility is the quiet and simple answer. I could find solitude whenever I wanted it. I could find out what’s in Area 51. I could sneak into Skywalker Ranch and be disappointed ahead of time in the next Star Wars movie.

It feels a bit unsavory, but it’s the easy answer for me. It’s the answer that lets me stay in the comfort of my private life.

Flight, however, seems like the answer of an adventurer. It’s the answer I wish I would give. It’s the answer that rattles around in my head when I hear stories of climbers who scale Mount Everest or see comedians standing in front of a thousand people with nothing but a microphone. It’s daunting, but it’s the answer that I imagine the people I admire most would give.

We all have an idea of who we are and who we want to be. Stepping out of our comfort zone and taking a risk is the first step towards our ideal versions of ourselves.

For me, it’s writing this email to hundreds of thousands of AppSumo subscribers. For you, maybe it’s cold-calling a client or validating your golden business idea.

Getting over that fear of failure is a hurdle some of us never even attempt to jump and that’s the reason we’ve developed a totally free app for iOS 7 devices (iPhones and iPads) called Failure Games.

It works like this. Every day, we’ll release a new challenge. The challenge could be as silly as telling a joke or as socially uncomfortable as asking a complete stranger to have lunch with you.

Some will be harder than others, but every challenge will be designed to get you more at ease with taking chances and with the possibility of failure.

Screenshot of a challenge from the app

This is just one of the fun daily challenges. Think you can do it? 

If you’re like me, you’ll be inspired by others who are successfully completing challenges and encouraged by your followers commenting on your pictures and videos. And with any luck, we’ll realize together that:

1. The fear of failure is never a good thing if it’s holding you back from what you want.

We get emails daily from people taking our “How To Make A $1,000 A Month Business” course thanking us for pushing them to believe in themselves and take a chance. Here’s just one of them:

Well just made under $1,500 in sales. I will hopefully receive the money on Monday 21st of October.

It’s amazing how much fear stops you. I was fearful asking the guys and more so asking an already established guy to help me and more fearful again about whether or not my coaching skills are good enough.

This is really insightful … seems like it is just all about overcoming that fear.

-Brian Halpin

2. When you do fail, you can learn a lot.

I know a guy that got fired from a very early position at Facebook. That period of failure was a defining moment for Chief Sumo and he can tell you better than anyone that he learned a lot about himself and the world of business from that moment.

3. Taking risks can be fun and lead to a more prosperous and full life.

I think this point is self-evident, but we all need to be reminded about it at times. Go on a spontaneous road trip or stay comfortable at home? One leads to excitement and new memories and the other is just like any other night.

Screenshot of someone completing a challenge

Here’s how Ilya felt after doing one of the challenges. 

So which is it? Flight or invisibility? I choose flight.

Download Failure Games now and let’s face our fears together.

P.S. Complete today’s featured challenge “Just Kidding” and the person with the most likes wins a brand new iPhone 5S.


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