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Feedback That Matters


We are designing the next Jewish Futures UnConference, and we need your perspective!


You can  be  specific about a topic that is important to you, or as broad as a Pew study. What are YOU thinking?

We’re posting our favorites here, but we’ll also save them in a digital time capsule to be revealed in 2040 .

Will your thoughts make history?

Send your response to Debbie Seiden


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  1. Ira J. Wise says:

    I see children and adults learning and teaching Torah, trying to find ways to make it relevant, meaningful and alive for their time and reality. They will use all of the tools that are at hand in 2040 – or at least the ones they find useful. Those tools may be analog, digital and/or whateveralog describes the tech of the time. I believe and hope that a lot of the discourse will be face to face between people, hopefully outside some of the time. I am not sure the logistics will matter as long as they engage. Kein yehi ratzon.

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