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The Jewish community’s first Fail Forward Conference was held on November 18, 2013 in New York. Successful Jewish communal professionals and educators engaged with this cutting edge idea from the secular world that encourages a culture of being open to and learning from failure. They explored how to continually adapt and improve their work, not only through building on successes, but through the critically important and valuable process of “failing forward”.


How do you feel about sharing YOUR fail forward story?

We would like to collect your stories (anonymous, or claimed) and post them here on  the Jewish Futures website.

By pointing others to a powerful and generously shared collection of fail forward stories, we hope they will be inspired to reflect on their own experiences in a different light.

Together, we can  nudge the needle just a tad toward a more open and realistic view of what the path toward achieving our goals can and does look like in our community.

Are you game? If so, please send your story (250 words or less) to Debbie Seiden and we will add it to the site once we have collected at least 10 stories to share. So don’t worry, we won’t put you out there all alone!



  • KEYNOTE: Ashley Good – Founder, Fail Forward
  • FRAMING THE CONVERSATION: David Bryfman – Chief Learning Officer, The Jewish Education Project
  • FAIL FORWARD STORY SLAM:  Stuart Himmelfarb – Co-Founder, B/3 The Jewish Boomer Platform
  • FAIL FORWARD STORY SLAM: Rachel Ishofsky – Executive Director, Innovation: Africa
  • FAIL FORWARD STORY SLAM: Dana Raucher – Executive Director, The Samuel Bronfman Foundation
  • FAIL FORWARD STORY SLAM: Toby Rubin – CEO & Founder, Upstart

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“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert Kennedy

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  1. Shimon says:

    The Orthodox schools are under funded and poorly run, yet their students remain committed to Judaism. The non-Orthodox schools are over funded and professionally run, and they are self-admitted failures. (This has been confirmed by the recently released study.) The Bronfman Foundation is putting it’s money in the wrong places!

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