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Whose Torah Is It Anyway?


Is Jewish Text Irrelevant to Today’s Youth?  

We live in a time where knowledge is crowd-sourced, texts of all kinds (from books to music to art) are being re-mixed, and an abundance of information is accessible to all. As the People of the Book we are challenged with how to create meaningful educational encounters with Jewish texts in light of these and other changes.

In partnership with JESNA.

The 2013 Jewish Futures Conference explored the ways in which we are confronting the new realities of today’s information age.
And, the TWEETING….
  • Irwin Kula, widely popular author on religion and spirituality, featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and Ted Talk Presenter.
  • Matt Bar, folk rapper and Founder and Executive Director of Bible Raps, was named in The NY Jewish Week’s “36 Under 36”.

Participants engaged with award winning speakers and joined in the conversation on:

  • The contemporary relationship (or lack thereof) between Youth and Jewish text
  • The balance between unlimited access to knowledge & traditional notions of ownership
  • Using multimedia & technology to reinvigorate traditional text lessons and create meaningful learning experiences

Jewish Futures brings together great people and new ideas to generate creative solutions to challenges in contemporary Jewish life and education.


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